Khoj – Society for People’s Education was established to work with women for their development. Education that includes socialization from an early age was seen as a determining factor to keep women subjugated for centuries. It was deemed imperative to work towards a kind of education that is liberating and leads to women’s development. The Society started its educational work in participation of women in 1995 and was registered in January 2002.

In a couple of years the scope of Khoj work was broadened and children also became the participants of the organizational program. This two pronged approach was meant to achieve better results for women’s development.

The work demanded to develop an integrated multi-disciplinary approach and development of methodologies that could lead to personal and community development.


“Our mission is to work with the underserved communities, with a special focus on women and children, achieve major improvements in their lives. To this end, Khoj will work using innovative methodologies direct with the communities, and with local and international partners who share our vision, to create just and peaceful societies where the disadvantaged people, especially women and children, can exercise their fundamental rights.”

To achieve this mission we engage in long term development work through education for development, health and livelihoods.

Program Area

Khoj – Society for People’s Education has been working with the communities of more than 20 villages in and around Qureshianwala Union Council. These villages now fall in two districts after a new district under the name of Nankana Saheb was carved out of the district of Sheikhupura.