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At the moment, we are looking for interns to fulfill the following roles:

  • Writers and artists for our social media campaigns – Writing and illustrating compelling stories/reports/blog posts to advocate for educational reform and women’s development, spreading the word about the innovative methodologies we use in our school.
  • Social media campaign manager – Strategising and orchestrating the different components of social media campaigns.
  • Office management trainee – working directly with senior Khoj staff to assist in daily operations.

Key skills and traits required:

  • Ability to work independently on the basis of provided guidelines.
  • Ability to write clear, simple, correct English in business communication (letters, e-mails, newsletters, funding proposals).
  • Mature, grounded person with strong moral values and professional ethics, sensitive in dealing with gender, class and urban/rural disparities.
  • Multi-talented, curious personality, interested in innovative teaching methods and willing to be involved in supporting the educational work at the Khoj Model School.
  • Proficient with tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Familiar with social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and posting material to blogs – or eager to pick up these skills.