Donate to Khoj and join hundreds of others providing the vital ongoing support people,especially women and children, need to escape poverty and gender inequity once and for all.

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What to donate

  • Medicines and equipment for Khoj Health Center
  • Educational materials for Khoj School library, stationery, cartridges, equipment for computer lab and materials for science lab

Bank details

For Khoj Health Center

A/C Title: Khoj-Society for People's Education
A/C # 211323004

For Khoj School

A/C Title: Khoj-Community Development through Adult Education
A/C # 210905018

For Khoj Health Center Pharmacy

A/C Title: Khoj-Sheikhupura Women's Project
A/C # 221977007

The bank is Faysal Bank, 310, Upper Mall, Lahore. Pakistan

The incoming remittances routing instructions are as follows:

For GB Pound Sterling

Corresponding Bank: Standard Chartered Bank, London
A/C # 01-2514885-01
Swift Code: SCBLGB2L

For US Dollars

Corresponding Bank: Standard Chartered Bank, New York
A/C # 3582-059673-001
Swift Code: SCBLUS33

For Euros

Corresponding Bank: JP Morgan AG, Germany
A/C # 6231607638
Swift Code: CHASDEFX